Digital color, 09:47, 2022


A girl wanders around the house, interacts with the furniture, and thinks about things… “Triangle” is a formal metaphorization between different forms of expression. Texts, gestures, and sounds are reminiscent of each other, of the present and the past.

Lucid Dreams

Digital color, 19:44, 2021


A Chinese student artist finds herself deeply attracted to a guy she just meets, but the day after their first date, she sadly realizes that the timing is all wrong.

Her Diary

Digital black-and-white, 03:52, 2019


“Her Diary” is a monologue about self-identity and self-presentation. The form of visual and audio art serves as a means of personal communication, revealing vulnerability and sensitivity.


Digital black-and-white, 04:29, 2017


Life consists of cycles. It’s an experience where subjects interact and match or mismatch.