Fanxi Sun (孙凡浠) is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Huzhou, China. She works with film, video, photography, and sound, and engages live performance in her practice. Through constructing her own mechanism in an experimental narrative style, Sun studies the body, the mind, and the subjectivity. Her work explores the dynamics of moving and still images, weaving together tension and balance. Self-identification and self-analysis ground her process, which expands to a variety of sensual and metaphoric experiences.

Sun’s work has been shown at various exhibitions and selected in multiple film festivals including SPE Combined-Caucus Exhibition, Odds & Ends Experimental Film Festival, Wayside Film Festival, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre’s “Unbounded”, and Dab Art Co.’s “Soledad”. She holds an MFA in Photography + Film at Virginia Commonwealth University.



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